If you or your band recorded at MCE Recording Studios in Schenectady New York from 1980 to 1989, your analog master tape is presently stored in the archive area at Hully Gully Recording Company. Many of the tape boxes are difficult to identify because the marking pen used to label the artist or session has faded beyond readability. Analog master tapes are very fragile and nearing the end of their playable life. At this time, it would be wise to transfer and preserve these masters to DAT tape or CD archive. In addition the the known tapes listed below, there are many other underidentified recordings and numerous multitrack live recordings from the Chateau and 288 Lark years. If you would like to preserve or recover these recordings contact Mark Ernst at (518) 399-5451 or email:


Dirty Face Fear Of Strangers Roy Frank
David Middleton Brad Whiting Jim Whiting
X-Istentials Nurves AD's
Kevin Colone Stomplistics Brink
Northstar Interstate Daniel Putorti
John Bullock EQ Model Citizens
AZX Square 1 Alex McNight
Max Rock Ushers Young Reptiles
Donnybrook Fair Names For Numbers ESP
Simon Nathan Howard Pat Norris Band
Mike Wager Hearltlight Hellcats
Liz Davies Thrashers Sharks
Swing Set Lazers Keith Donato
Shakedown Tim Ryan Tom Ostrom
Towels I IV V Menagerie
Aged In The Hills Blacksmith Suspects
Johnny Rabb Take Circus
Jerry Buhl Student Bodies Psychotic Episode
Trash Knights Rockin' Dakotas Weisburg & Munger
Mambo-X Vito Speranza White Hot
Fear Of Flying Paris Plus Ron Russo
Fan Club East Wall Penny Knight Band
M-16 Promise Ron Roberts
Bob Killar Dead Motiicians Mace
BTU's Opposite Scared
Jerry McKenna Oz Virgin
Caj Maj Donny P & Celebration Yobo Sayo
Kittens Rezultz Walt Michael &Company
Time Pieces Voltz Joe Farina
Cool Box J New Rock News Martha's Aitheart
Ray Batcher The Aim Zelvion
Pressure From Above Alliance Vision
Fracture Susan Hale Victimz
Jimmy & The Galaxies Bridget Ball Czar
Rhonda Bombard Julie Ann Bump On My Head
Rick & Roll Anomie Kidz
Mark Welch Band Mars Revolvers

many other under-identified or unidentified analog masters
and some vinyl 7" and 12" pressings are presently in storage