Hully Gully Recording Company is the name of my current personal use / project studio located out in the country about 20 miles from Albany, midway between Galway & Scotia, NY. MidiCat is the head engineer.

The studio recording and mixing rooms are located in two small second floor bedrooms which feature completely non parallel walls, floors, and ceilings. It is standard professional practice to avoid unwanted non-musical, reflected sound, or standing waves, by constructing all surfaces in a non-paralell manner, and at angles other than 90 degrees. In the case of Hully Gully's rooms, this wasn't a problem, since the house was built on the very edge of a deep ravine (the GULLY) and has settled in a decidedly un-plumb position (the HULLY) over the last 85 years. There isn't a single 90 angle or a straight line anywhere in sight. Funky but Chic...

MidiCat sez.... well actually it was Hank Williams Jr. who said it (or like maybe sang it sort of) ... "I got a little party shack way out in the woods and it's a long, long way, from here to Hollywood" ... well it a VERY, VERY LONG WAY FROM HERE TO HOLLYWOOD, but it's a great place to mix and sweeten live recordings, and I enjoy the quiet, rural ambience. There is a compact self-contained remote recording setup based on the Alesis ADAT digital multitrack recorder with Alesis mixer used for live on location recording in nightclubs. Mixdown is done to DAT or CD masters here in the studio. The entire inventory of MCE Recording Studios analog master recordings are stored in the Hully Gully tape vaults, and I am presently remastering, archiving, or remixing original recordings from the 1980's era of MCE Records. Hully Gully has been quietly producing streaming internet video, audio, and web based projects since 1997, with recent CD rereleases by The Extras, and Donnybrook Fair. Currently in the works is a double live album from artists formerly known as unreleased "local favorites".

And what about MIDI (?) ... if you need specific backing tracks, sound design, arranging, or specific song titles (the cat has dragged home 1000's) and midi arranging and recording ask MidiCat .... He can do anything if it involves a mouse!