The Schenectady Gazette - July 1964



In the past weeks I've mentioned groups that you all know. This week I will introduce the best group in the area, The Intruders. They have appeared in Albany, Schenectady, Troy and New York.

Lead singer, Carl Buell, who gives style to the group, hates girls who smoke, but is crazy over southern fried chicken.

Lead guitarist, Marc Hecker, shies away from fast girls but not from Carol Dupel. Marc, who's always been a food faddist, goes for wheat germ.

Mark Ernst, rhythm guitarist, is also the clown. Mark gets excited or mad over only two things, broken guitar strings and "girls."

On bass guitar, there is Mike Collins, who goes for sports all the way. He likes gymnastics and water skiing especially, but when it comes to girls, he doesn't know they are there.

On a battered set of drums which he wishes could turn in, there is a wild man, Snooky Mercoglan. Among his likes are wheaties and dancing.

When I asked them what they thought of the Beatles, Carl said, "Very seriously, I like Bobby Rydell." Mike said he liked their hair and Snooky thinks Ringo is fab.

In the coming year you will see and hear much of this group, who incidentally all sing.