The Schenectady Gazette - April 1964


 Local Rock n' Roll Group
Seeks to Rival Beatles 

by Linda Carl

Although most of the top rock n' roll groups have risen in England, a local group to watch is The Intruders. They also have appeared in New York, Lake George, Troy, and Poultney, Vt.

Mike Collins, bass guitarist, is the youngest member of the group at 15. Besides music he likes sports - especially gymnastics, soccer and skiing.

Marc Hecker, lead guitarist, also plays drums. He is active in wrestling, skiing and weight lifting. Other than rock n' roll he enjoys jazz and classical music.

Lead singer, Carl Buell, has been writing for this paper during the football season.

Playing rhythm guitar is Mark Ernst. He also plays harmonica and piano but he admits rather poorly. He has the most flip sense of humo; of the group. At the moment he is trying to teach himself how to play the organ.

On drums there is Warren Droms. He enjoys playing tennis and golf and earning money.

About Four and a half years ago Marc started guitar lessons. Mark was influenced and also started guitar lessons. Soon after Mike took up guitar. They played together for about two years and then were joined by Snooky Mercoglan on drums.

Then Mike switched to bass guitar. Last January CarI started singing with the group and that is when it actually went professional. Before that they had played only instrumentals mainly for their own enjoyment. Snooky, the group's former drummer, moved to Pennsylvania during the summer and was replaced by Warren about a month ago.

When I asked them what their impressions of the Stones and the Beatles were, they commented, "We like them, but we like girls better." The Beatles and other English groups have probably had the most influence on the group's style.

As for a career in beat they said that it was impossible to major in rock n' roll at a college, but if they got lucky they would certainly follow it as a serious occupation. Mark, Mike, and Marc plan on studying advertising and commercial art, with music as a sideline. Carl plans on attending college next fall. Warren didn't take the question very seriously and replied that he wanted to be a surfer and a cowboy.

Their first record, "What Kind of Girl," was recorded recently and was sent to RCA. The song was written by Carl and Marc. If the disk jockies give the record a chance it could become a hit.