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Once considered only a frivolous expense for the wealthy, facials and skin care are quickly becoming as much a part of mainstream America as pollutants, stress, smoking, drinking, sun exposure, medications and coffee...and these days, it seems like all we do negatively effects our skin somehow.

"That's why you really should take the best possible care of your skin that you can," says Gail Marie, licensed Cosmetologist with additional training in skin care and make-up..."and that includes having regular facials...and now that I'm in my forties, I realize this now more than ever. But skin care can't work miracles...you'll never undo seriously damaged skin with a facial...anyone who tells you that you can, is simply out for your money. Without drastic measures such as chemical peels, it's virtually impossible to undo damage to your skin that's already been done."

However, you can fight back. "Regular facials, of course preferably initiated before you damage your skin, are such an important part of good skin maintenance. Proper skin care should be a lifelong practice...and a facial massage utilizing quality skin care products, besides being great for the skin, is an extremely pleasant and relaxing way to unwind...a facial, when performed properly, is healthy for both your body and your mind."

"My goal with opening my own home-based skin care business (19 Commodore St. in Colonie), was to offer my clients a good professional facial with products that are reasonably priced...prices I could afford to pay. Beauty Without Cruelty Cosmetics....BWC, the name speaks for itself. It's a product I absolutely love and use...and even though I used other products in Cosmetology and Esthetics school, I never used anything I liked better.

"As far as my business philosophy," offers Gail..."I wanted people to be able to get a professional facial and some necessary, quality skin care products for under $100. But if your skin looks good, and your particular choice of skin care is working for you, that's OK too...you're still welcome to make an appointment. I'd like to stress that if you not using my product line, the client is under no obligation to purchase any products from me. Working for myself, no one is breathing down my neck to move the inventory. I simply tell you what I'm using while I'm using it and if you like it, we can talk after your session is over. I do not view my clients time as an opportunity to sell my products...just the opposite, it's a time for the client to indulge him or herself in their chosen treatment."

Of course, another focus of Gail's skin care business is make-up and its proper application. "There's nothing worse than getting a facial or make-over and coming home and washing it all off because your application is too heavy...your make-up should fit your lifestyle, we're all not movie stars. When a client comes in for a make-up lesson, we'll work together to find an application that works for them. Make-up should enhance strong features and downplay faults...and it certainly doesn't have to take an hour to look great."

Gail also offers waxing and soothing back treatments...and as a chronic back pain sufferer, the author can personally attest to Gail's very capable touch.


A catalog of hand picked, facial and skin care products for general use on all skin types, as well as specialty gift items from "Kappas" of Germany...everything from sunflower soaps to animal shaped soaps designed for kids by kids...will also be available to Gail's clients (along the same premise as an Avon-type catalog). Brochure, Gift Baskets and Gift Certificates for that someone special are also available.

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